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The poems of William Blake set to music by Jeff Gillett


Welcome to William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience. Whether you are meeting the poems for the first time or returning to them as old friends, there is something here for you. 


    Forty-six poems set to music which brings them to life – or rather, draws attention to the richness of the life that was already there. 


   Music that enhances the poetry rather than forcing it into a new shape.


   Tunes that will stick in your memory – and help the poems to stick there, too!


   A fresh way of enjoying Blake’s poetry and a new artistic experience.


  Settings of the complete Songs of Innocence and of Experience available as a double-CD or as individual mp3 downloads.


  Complete texts of the poems with accompanying comments to encourage appreciation and interpretation of Blake’s work.


  Video extracts from the live multi-media presentation featuring visual projections of Blake’s engravings and paintings juxtaposed with and complemented by photographic images.


  Videos of solo performances of some of the songs.



You can also listen to a selection of the settings at MySpace.